The Story is in the Details

Those flowers and place settings that you've been planning for the past year, the rings that represent a couple's love, the dress that you chose after looking for months, the matching outfits you carefully picked out for you and your kids, all of these things are a joy to document but our goal is to capture so much more.  We are immersed in the feelings and details of your wedding day. That emotion in a groom's eyes when he sees his soul mate in her dress for the first time, the way a mother brushes the hair out of her little girl's face before she walks down the aisle, the way you wipe away tears together as your best friend toasts your new marriage.  It's capturing those fleeting moments that best represent our style, and we can't wait to capture them for you. 

Height: 5"6

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Location: San Francisco, CA

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